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Here's a summary of many of our Delicious Slice Pizzas.

Any of these can be made into a whole pie.

Meat Slices

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Pizza Name
3000 Ricot Gar Prosciutto Ham Basil Roasted Tom
2+2=Chicken G & OO Chix Sausage Marinated Chix Black Olives Pesto Dollops Chevre
2+2=Chicken G & OO Chix Sausage Marinated Chix Black Olives Pesto Dollops Chevre
11-Sep Hab Tom Pepperoni Italian Sausage Yellow Onion Mushrooms Green Peppers
Ahh Capella Tom Pepperoni Italian Sausage Mushrooms
Alliteration Creation Tom Prosciutto Ham Pepperoni Green peppers
Baja Bird Tom Chix Sausage Blk Olives Jalapeños Smoked Mozz
Big Sal Tom Salami Yellow Onion Rsted R&Y pepps Smoked mozz
Big's Imperial BBQ Chicken BBQ Chicken Bacon Red Onions Smoked Mozz
BMT G & OO Roma Tomatoes Bacon Basil Fresh Mozz
Bomber Tom Italian Sausage Roasted Garlic Red Onions Oregano
Boot Tom Italian Sausages Roasted R & Y Peppers Yellow Onions Roasted Garlic Gorgonzola
Boss Hog G & OO Bacon Spinach Roma Toms  Smoked mozz
Bronx Bomber Tom Italian Sausage Fresh Oregano Red Onions Gorgonzola
Carma Parma G & OO Prosciutto Ham Carmelized Onions Gorgonzola
Caution Hab Tom Pepperoni Reg. Bacon Blk Olives
Chef Special 2 Tom Italian Sausage Carmelized Onions Smoked Mozz
Chick-a-Dee G & OO Marinated Chix Spinach Sundried Toms
Chicken Caprese G & OO Chix Sausage Sundried Tom Basil
Chicken Kahuna Tom Chix Sausage Pineapple Yellow Onions
Chicken Little Tom Chix Sausage Blk Olives Spinach
Chicken Philly Tom Marinated Chix Green Peppers Onions
Chicken Salad G & OO Marinated Chix Arugula Red Onions Gorgonzola
Chick-Pot-Pie Tom Chix Sausage Roasted Garlic Roasted Red Potatoe
Chuck Wagon Chix G & OO Marinated Chix Mushrooms Yellow onions Blk olives Smoked Mozz
Clubhouse G & OO Can. Bacon Reg. Bacon Red Onions Roma Toms Smoked Mozz
De Doogies Tom Pepperoni Pineapple Peperoncinis
DelMar G & OO Pepperoni Bacon Spinach Feta
Devil's Luau Hab Tom Pepperoni Italian Sausage Pineapple 
Divine Swine Tom Italian Sausage Blk Olives Green Peppers Yellow Onions
Double Dutch G & OO Marinated Chix Red Onions Sundried Toms Pesto Dollops
Double Vision G & OO Bacon Sundried Tomatos Arugula Chevre
Duck Tom Chix Sausage Green Peppers Pineapple Smoked Mozz
Emilia Tom Salami Prosciutto Ham Basil Fresh Mozz
Enchangterelle G & OO Reg. Bacon Chantrelles Carmelized Onions Gorgonzola
Fancy Feast Tom Can. Bacon Rsted R&Y Pepp Peperoncini
Feast of Feathers G & OO Marinated Chix Rsted R&Y Pepps Chevre
Feathers of Funk G & OO Marinated Chix Rsted R&Y Pepps Green Peppers
Flaming Feathers G & OO Marinated Chix Jalapeños Sundried Toms Chevre
Free Bird Tom Marinated Chix Green Peppers Art. Hearts Mushrooms
Ghosts and Goblins G & OO Prosciutto Ham Wild Mushrooms Smoked mozz
Gomez & Morticia Tom Italian Sausage Mushrooms Blk Olives
Grinch Tom Reg. Bacon Onions Jalapeños Gorgonzola
Habby Howlee Hab Tom Can. Bacon Pineapple Smoked Mozz
Hangover G & OO Procuitto Ham Roasted Red Potatos Jalapenos Chevre
Happy Howlee Tom Can. Bacon Pineapple Smoked Mozz
Hobbit Denero Hab Tom Prosciutto Ham Rsted Mushrooms Ricotta
Hog Wild G & OO Reg. Bacon Wild Mushrooms Carmelized Red Onions Fresh Mozz
HoneyBadgerDon'tCare G & OO Prosciutto Ham Pineapple Red Onions Smoked Mozz
Hot Hen G & OO Marinated Chix Jalapeños Smoked Mozz
Hot Hog G & OO Italian Sausage Jalapeños Smoked Mozz
Hot House Tom Pepperoni Italian Sausage Jalapeños Pineapple
Inaugural G & OO Salami Yellow Onion Rsted Garlic Gorgonzola
Jackalope Pie Tom Chix Sausage Prosciutto Ham Rsted Garlic Smoked Mozz Gorgonzola
Kaiser G & OO Chix Sausage Mushrooms Roasted Zucchini Chevre
Leprechaun Tom Chix Sausage Spinach Green Peppers
Little Pig G & OO Italian Sausage Rsted Garlic Yellow Onions Smoked Mozz
Lonely Pig Tom Italian Sausage
Love Stinks G & OO Marinated Chix wild Mushrooms Red Onions
Luna Garlic Crm Bacon Roma Tomatos Gorgonzola Basil
Mario Tom Pepperoni Red Onions Sundried Toms
Marshal G & OO Salami Rsted Garlic Smoked Mozz Mushrooms Jalapeños
MCA G & OO Marinated Chix Mushrooms Artichoke Hearts
Meat 'n' Taters Tom Italian Sausage Reg. Bacon Smoked Mozz
Mick's Chick (en)s Tom Chix Sausage Blk Olives Rsted R&Y Pepps Smoked Mozz
Miss Da Meaner G & OO Marinated Chix Wild Mushrooms Fresh Oregano Sundried Toms Pesto Dollops
Moons Of Pluto Basil/Pesto Pepperoni Roma Toms Rsted Garlic Feta
New Deal G & OO Can. Bacon Blk olives Smoked mozz
Nice Spice Tom Pepperoni Salami Mushrooms Peperocinis
No Bunko Tom Prosciutto Ham Roma Toms Basil
Not So Vegan Vegan Prosciutto Ham Rsted Garlic Sundried Toms
Notorious P.I.G. Tom Prosciutto Ham Pineapple Jalapenos Smoked Mozz
Nutty Chicken Vegan Marinated Chix Jalapeños Yellow Onions Basil
Nutty Idea Tom Pepperoni Roma Toms Chevre Cashews
Oliver's Travels Tom Salami Green Peppers Black Olives
One Time Pie G & OO Salami Wild Mushrooms Carmelized Onions Peperocinis
P and O Tom Pepperoni Blk Olives
Patty Pro Tom Prosciutto Ham Mushrooms Rsted Red Potatos Smoked Mozz
Perfect porker G & OO Can. Bacon Chopped garlic Peperoncini Smoked mozz
Perkey Poultry Tom Chix Sausage Artichoke Hearts Red Onions Gorgonzola
Pest Of Poultry Basil/Pesto Marinated Chix Red Onions Chevre
Pig Latin G & OO Bacon Art. Pesto Spinach Yellow Onions
Pig On The Green G & OO Italian Sausage Kalamata Olives Yellow Onions Pesto Dollops
Pig Tater G & OO Bacon Roasted Potatoes Green Peppers
Pig-E=MC2 G & OO Reg. Bacon Prosciutto Ham Sundried Toms Gorgonzola
Piggie Smalls G & OO Bacon Blk Olives Green Peppers Hab Tom Dollops
Piginator G & OO Reg. Bacon Marinated Chix Red Onions Spinach
Pollo Alla Diavola Hab Tom Marinated Chix Red Onions Rosemary
Pollo Di Crema Garlic-Crm Marinated Chix Carmelized Onions Chevre Sage
Pollo Italia G & OO Mariniate Chix Roma Tomatos Fresh Mozz Fresh Oregano
Pollo Party G & OO Marinated Chix Artichoke Hearts Feta Basil
Pollo su Fuoco Hab Tom Chix Sausage Carmelized Onions Chevre
Pollo Verde Tom Chix Sausage Green Olives Roma Toms
Popeye G & OO Bacon Spinach Chopped Garlic Yellow Onions
Porker Tom Reg. Bacon Italian Sausage Smoked Mozz
Porkly Pride Tom Italian Sausage Yellow Onion Rsted Red Potatos
Porko Fino G & OO Reg. Bacon Carmelized Onions Chevre
Prickley Pig Tom Reg. Bacon Blk Olives Pineapple Gorgonzola
Primo Pollo Blanco Garlic-Crm Marinated Chix Rsted Toms Red Onions Basil
Raging Popeye Hab Tom Chix Sausage Spinach Artichoke Hearts
Raging Roni Hab Tom Pepperoni Mushrooms Red Onions Ricotta
Red Devil Hab tom Chix Sausage Rsted R&Y pepps Chevre
Red Hotness Frank's & OO Marinated Chix Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Drizzle
Red White & Brown G & OO Italian Sausage Carmelized Onions Roma Toms Fresh Mozz
Reging Popeye Hab Tom Chix Sausage Spinach Artichoke Hearts
Robot Chicken G & OO Marinated Chix Roma tomatos Basil
Rock Your World G & OO Salami Peproncinis Chevre
Rocket Feller Tom Proscuitto Ham Arugula Fresh Mozz
Roddy's Picante Cerdo G & OO Reg. Bacon Jalapeños Rsted Toms
RoEdOlBa 2 Olive Pesto Bacon Roma Tomatos Basil Feta
Romones Tom Roma Toms Yellow Onions Italian sausage
Run Chix Run G & OO Marinated Chix Roma Tomatos Kalamata Olives Feta
Rusty Bone Hab Tom Chix Sausage Kalamata Olives Carmalized Onions Feta
S.O.P Tom Italian Sausage Green Peppers Yellow Onions
Sal On The Go G & OO Salami Green Olives Yellow Onions
Salkalos G & OO Salami Kalamata Olives Yellow Onions
Sally Sunset G & OO Salami Sundried Toms Rsted Garlic Smoked Mozz
Sausage & Peppers Tom Italian Sausage Roasted R & Y Peppers Green Peppers Carmalized Onions
Savory Slice Tom Prosciutto Ham Rsted Red Pepps Carmelized Onions
SCHMOx2 Tom Chix Sausage Yellow Onions Mushrooms Blk Olives
SGT Pepper Tom Chix Sausage Green Peppers Blk Olives Smoked Mozz
Shoot the Moon G & OO Bacon Artichoke Hearts Chopped Garlic Gorgonzola
Smokey The Pig G & OO Bacon Smoked Mozz Jalapeños
Snow Day Hab Tom Marinated Chix Blk Olives Carmalized Onions Feta
Soprano G & OO Salami Yellow Onion Rsted R&Y pepps Smoked mozz
Spin Chicken Tom Chix Sausage Roasted R & Y Peppers Fresh Garlic Spinach Gorgonzola
Spock G & OO Marinated Chix Rsted R&Y Pepp Red Onions Spinach
Spring Loaded Basil/Pesto Marinated Chix Roma Toms Artichoke Hearts Feta
Summer Salad Tom Salami Red Onions Spinach Sundried Toms
Sunrise Tom Reg. Bacon Green Peppers Yellow Onions Rsted R. Potatos
Swingin' Swine Hab Tom Reg. Bacon Pineapple Red Onions
Talk To The Ham Tom Prosciutto Ham Mushrooms Chopped Garlic Kalamata Olive
That 1 Tom Chix Sausage Rsted R&Y Pepp Red Onions
The B.P.T. G & O Bacon Roma Tomatos Peperocinis
The Don Tom Prosciutto Ham Kalamata Olives Fresh Oregano Basil
The Popper G & O Bacon Jalapenos Ricotta Cheese
This Yuan's For You G & OO Marinated Chix Green Peppers Mushrooms Smoked Mozz
Tuscan Sun G & OO Prosciutto Ham Sundried Toms Smoked Mozz Rsted R&Y Pepp Parsley
Vampire Slayer G & OO Reg. Bacon Green Peppers Yellow Onions Roasted Garlic Gorgonzola
Vicenza Tom Prosciutto Ham Roasted Zucchini Ricotta
Waning Summer Vegan Salami Wild Mushrooms Yellow Onions
Wayne Newton G & OO Salami Yellow Onion Blk Olives
Wednesday Tom Bacon Wild Mushrooms Chevre
White Meat G & OO Pepperoni Reg. Bacon Ricotta
Wild Thing G & OO Italian Sausage Mushrooms Rsted Garlic Chevre
Yoshi Tom Chix Sausage Green Peppers Peperocinis

Vegetarian Slices

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Pizza Name
21 Jump Street Tom Roma Tomatos Blk Olives Yellow Onions
#44 Tom Rstd Potatoes Rstd Garlic Carm Onions
Apollo G & OO Sundried toms Carmilized onions Kalamata olives Chevre
Art(heart)ful Dodger Art pesto Jalapenos Green peppers Chevre
Artie P. Art pesto Roasted R & Y  Kalamata Olives
Artistic Olive Olive pesto Sundried toms Art. hearts Fresh mozz
Autumnus Art Pesto Wild Mushrooms Sundried Tomatoes Rstd Garlic Red Onions Fresh Mozz
Bee Sting Hab Tom Onions Blk Olives Pineapple
Big's Veggie Special Tom Rsted Mushrooms Spinach Feta
Black eye Tom Blk olives 
Bowtie G & OO Kalamata olives Feta
Broken Heart Tom Rsted Garlic Roma Tomatos Ricotta
Busy B Tom pineapple Blk olives Yellow onions
Cheesus Saves Vegan Spread Rsted Red Potatos Fresh Mozz Feta
Chef's Special 1 Vegan Spread Mushrooms Onions Art. Hearts
Chef's Special 3 G & OO Mushrooms Onions Art Pesto Dollops
Dare Devil Hab Tom Blk olives  Yellow Onion Sundried toms Ricotta 
Don Ho Tom pineapple
Egg Hunt Art pesto Spinach Sundried toms Rsted eggplant
Eggplant Parm Tom Fried Eggplant Fresh Mozz
Eggplant Sunny Side Up G & OO Rstd Eggplant Sundried Tomatoes Fresh Mozz
Eggs N Mush Tom Rsted eggplant Mushroomss
Experience Tom Wild Mushroomss Red onions  Gorgonzola
Fall Forest G & OO Sundried toms pine nuts pesto dolops
Fat Tuesday G & OO Roma Toms Roasted R & Y Rsted eggplant Chevre
Fool's Gold Tom Roasted R & Y  pineapple
Four Friends G & OO Smoked mozz gorganzola Mozzarella Parm/romano
Free Run Feast Tom Wild Mushroomss  Rsted eggplant Gorgonzola
Garden of Eden Tom Art. hearts Rsted garlic  Roma Toms  Spinich Feta
Garfunkle Tom Roma Toms Red onions  Ricotta 
Gracious Gringo Garlic-Cream Roma Tom Onions Jalepeños
Great White G & OO Fresh mozz Rosemary
Green Goddess Basil Pesto Art. hearts Spinach Feta
Hab Goblins Hab Tom green olives  Rsted garlic carm onions Chevre
Harvest Moon Vegan spread Roma Toms Art. hearts
HastaLaVistaBaby Art. Pesto Chopped Garlic Spinach Chevre Roma Tomatos
Heart del Sol G & OO Rsted eggplant Sundried toms Kalamata olives Feta
Hearts a fire Hab Tom Art. hearts Sundried toms Feta
Hearty Fungus G & OO Art. hearts Wild Mushroomss Feta
Hoppin John Hab Tom Yellow onions Green peppers Gorgonzola
Hot Momma Hab Tom Spinach Art. hearts Feta
Hot Potatoe Hab Tom Rstd Red Potatoes Onions Fresh Garlic
Jackson Pollock Tom Art. hearts Wild Mushrooms Roasted R&Y's Gorgonzola
Jewel On The Black Sea Olive pesto Roma Toms Chopped garlic Fresh mozz Basil
Just Hot Hab Tom Mushrooms Blk Olives Green Peppers Onions Feta
Kermit Tom Roasted R & Y  Grn Olives Yellow onions
Le Connoisseur Art pesto Spinach Rsted garlic  Feta
Lucky Clover G & OO Rsted Garlic Spinach
Luigi G & OO Spinach Green Olives Gorgonzola
Mad Tom Tom Roma Toms Mushroomss Jalapenos Chopped garlic
Mona Tom Wild Mushroomss Art. hearts Red onions  Chevre
My Green Chevy Tom Roasted R & Y  Spinach Chevre
No. 44 Tom roased red potatoe Red onions  Rsted garlic
Nutty Greek Vegan Spread Spinach Red Onions Feta
Olive Thunder Pesto Wild Mushroomss Rsted garlic  Ricotta cheese
Olives and Mushrooms Tom Blk olives  Mushroomss
Olivia Olive pesto Roma Toms Feta Basil
Peppetater Tom Rsted red potatos Green peppers Pepproncinis
Piccante Amore Tom Roma Toms Blk olives Jalapenos Ricotta
Pineapple Express Tom Pineapple Red Onions Chevre
Pining Spinster Tom Pine Nuts Spinach Kalamata Olives
Potatoe Persuasion G & OO roasted potatoes Sundried toms Chopped garlic
Princess Peach G & OO Art. Hearts Rsted Eggplant Smoked Mozz
Rainy Day Warm-up G & OO Roma Toms Art. hearts Rsted red potatos Gorgonzola
Red Light Green Light Tom Green peppers pineapple Red onions 
Relic garlic-cream Sundried toms Art. hearts Spinach Kalamata olive
Rip City G & OO Blk Olives Sundried Toms Fresh Mozz
Roasted Mosted G & OO Art. hearts Rsted garlic  Smoked mozz
Ruby Slipper Tom Roma Toms Blk olives
Running Rabbit G & OO Wild Mushrooms Cam Onions Chevre Smoked Mozz
Salsa de Mayo G & OO Roma Toms Onions Blk Olives Jalapeños
Santa's Helper G & OO Spinach Roma toms pesto dolops
Scary Poppins Tom Art. hearts Feta Roasted R&Y's
Schroomer Tom Mushroomss
Scrmg Yellow Zonkr Hab Tom Pineapple Yellow Onion Rstd Y & R Peppers Smoked Mozz
Simple Truth G & OO Sundried toms Chevre Basil
Smokey Circle G & OO Sundried Toms Green Olives Art. Hearts Smoked Mozz
Spring Spirits G & OO Spinach Sundried toms Chopped garlic Art. hearts
Spudnik G & OO Rsted Potatoes Rsted garlic  rosemary Feta
Spudnik Green Pesto Rsted Potatoes Rsted garlic  rosemary Feta
Stegosaurus G & OO Sundried Toms Kalamata Olives Zucchini Smoked Mozz
Stern Decision Hab Tom Art. Hearts Rstd Red Potatoes Gorgonzola
Stinky Garden G & OO Spinach Mushroomss Gorgonzola
Summer Solstice G & OO Spinach Red Onions Feta
Sun Break G & OO Spinach Jalapenos Sundried Toms
Sunburn Hab Tom Rstd R/Y Pepps Wild Mushrooms Onions
Sunday Special Vegan Spread Wild Mushrooms Rstd Eggplant
Swamp Thang G & OO Yellow onions Green peppers Rsted garlic Gorgonzola
Sweet Greens G & OO Spinach Art. hearts Ricotta cheese
The Bowser Tom Mushrooms Blk Olives Jalapenos
Three Olives Tom Kalamata olives green olives Blk olives
To The Moon Tom Mushrooms Blk olives Yellow onions
Toad G & OO Roasted Mushrooms Roasted Garlic Feta
Tomatic Splender G & OO Spinach Onions Basil Pesto Dollops Feta
Tornado Art Pesto Sundried Toms Rstd Garlic Wild Mushrooms
Trava'as Tom Red onions Green peppers Smoked mozz
Veg in the Sun Tom Spinach Blk olives Mushroomss Sundried toms
Vegan Vegan spread Mushrooms Spinach Art. Hearts Tempeh
Veggie Delight G & OO Rsted Eggplant Roasted R/Y Pepps
Venus G & OO Roma Toms Eggplant Rsted garlic Feta
Wario Tom Rstd Eggplant Onions Smoked Mozz
White Delight G & OO Yellow onions Ricotta Rosemary Thyme
Winter Wonderland G & OO Pesto Dollops Chevre Rosemary
Winter Solstice G & OO Mushrooms Ricotta Rsted Garlic
Wizard Art Pesto Spinach Sundried Toms Roasted Zucchini
World Cup G & OO Art. hearts Sundried toms pesto dolops Feta
Zeus Garden G & OO Roasted R & Y  Kalamata Olives Feta Basil